Kyneton Biolinks: Building community capacity for a landscape-approach to securing our threatened native plants and animals

The Kyneton Biolinks project aims to protect, restore and reconnect important river reaches and habitat in the Kyneton district to secure the future of drastically ailing platypus populations and other native animal species. Platypus, once common sights in the Coliban and Campaspe Rivers, are now rarely seen. The Ranges around Melbourne were once population strong-holds for many arboreal mammals like the Greater Glider and Phascogale (Tuan), species whose existence is now threatened. This project will build the vital foundations for a scientifically based and long-term nature conservation project owned by an empowered local community. It will do this through bringing together new bedfellows from the local business, arts community, local government sectors with farmers, Landcarers, and conservation scientists – building a broadly owned and high-profile regional project. It will be empowering them with the science on the best action on-ground actions to take as well as the support to develop a long-term sustainable and productive collaboration. It will Hold a local Biolinks Implementation Plan workshop with local landholders in the Black-Hill to Greenhill, Campaspe River region. Build a broader public awareness of the key local conservation issues and solutions through a public launch the project and art auction fundraiser. Produce a project prospectus of costed ongoing activities for long-term initiative and strategies to further them (restoration works, fundraising, advocacy, science, partnerships).