Drilling installation for supply of clean water in Kinsuka CPA in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.


This project aims to help 460 families who live in the peripheral environment of Kinsuka CPA in Kinshasa. These many families face serious problems of access to clean water, which has not been available for more than 15 years. Currently, the spring water used by these families faces the risk of being exposed to Covid19 because it is not maintained and the community is unaware of the risks available and other infections that can be produced. Children and women are the most vulnerable and the most exposed. The installation of the water well will solve their problems and these families can consume clean water and will be safe from many infections. Schools and some medical centres located in this large district will also benefit from this well. Within this project we are providing: A water well and a cistern for water storage, including 10 taps, will be provided to this community. The water well will help the community access clean water and avoid diseases with much less effort and improve the quality of life of these families. They will also be informed of the covid19 barrier gestures to help them protect themselves and take charge of this drilling.


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