Providing Assistance to Outlying Communities 

Our records shows that now 40% of our referrals are coming from outlying areas as these areas are facing severe financial hardship due to high unemployment, drought and other economic situations. It is difficult for the Agencies in these areas to access our service due to limited staff capacity and geographic distances involved. What our project would do is allow us to travel to a central point in each of the 4 shires on a rostered monthly basis and take the goods required. That then allows the local Case Workers to spend more time with their clients assessing and assisting their needs rather than travelling. We have four major shires that surround Greater Bendigo, and these are Campaspe, Mt Alexander, Loddon & Central Goldfields. The population of these outlying shires is 77,828 and all of these shires including Greater Bendigo are classed as having low economic status. This status along with 2 of these shires having a higher than average domestic violence rate, put additional pressure on local services. For these smaller areas to be able to access our service, which is supported with donated goods from a larger population in Bendigo, would relieve their services greatly from a financial & staffing view point. As we already have a vehicle the project costs are only for a contracted position and running costs.


The Tucker Foundation will be accepting grant applications from eligible organisations from Monday 21st June to Friday 20th August 2021. The application form will be available on this website during this time.


Applicants will be notified of their outcome in late 2021