Reversing Childhood Poverty Scale-up 

In FY21, we anticipate a 35-40% growth in the demand and delivery for the support we provide for local children in need – increasing our support from 2500 children in FY20 to 3500 children this financial year. Current data is indicating that unemployment is an increasing factor for the already disadvantaged families we are supporting, and the economic downturn is anticipated to accelerate this. This project is seeking funding to support the scale-up of our program to meet this unanticipated increase in community need by enabling us to (1) operate our warehouse base an additional two days from the current 3-days/week to 5-days/week, (2) increase storage space and (3) meet additional costs associated with our volunteer program. As a volunteer driven organisation, our expenses are limited and primarily related to donation collection, sorting, storage, and support package preparation. The average cost to We Care Connect to support each vulnerable child is a low $19 enabling us to provide them with great quality pre-loved items such as car seats, clothing, cots, mattresses, warm bedding and essential school items with an average estimated value of approximately $350/child. The Reversing Childhood Poverty Scale-up project will enable us to meet a current sharp increase in the number of children needing support and will take us a significant step forward in our strategic vision to reverse the impact of childhood disadvantage in our region (currently 10,000 children) by significantly increasing the number of children we can support (3,500+ kids).


The Tucker Foundation will be accepting grant applications from eligible organisations from Monday 21st June to Friday 20th August 2021. The application form will be available on this website during this time.


Applicants will be notified of their outcome in late 2021