Equine Crisis Relief Fund


This project will establish an Equine Crisis Relief Fund that will assist horse owners in distress during times of natural disasters and emergencies such as bushfire, drought, flood, storm/property damage.
This Tucker Foundation grant will provide seed funding essential for this project.
Project activities:
• Develop project specific processes and procedures
• Develop social media strategies for online promotion of the Fund and target regional rural press to make them aware during a crisis
• Assess triaged Funding Applications by a selection committee
• Key stakeholders to be surveyed for satisfaction, types of support provided and associated costs, other support that would have been helpful during the crisis, follow up support needed etc.
• Learnings from this project will be published with the aim to grow the Fund and scale the support.
Specific support to horse owners in distress may include:
• Provide emergency small relief grants and horse feed vouchers
• Coordination and transportation of affected horses to temporary accommodation
• Provide financial assistance for short term temporary accommodation for horse/s
• Securing of fences
• Emergency vet support


The Tucker Foundation has regular funding rounds.

The Tucker Foundation accepted applications for its 2022 funding round from Monday 20th June to Friday 19th August. The application period has now closed. 

Organisations will be advised of the outcome of their application in late 2022.

Our next funding round will be announced on this website as soon as the dates are available.