Australian Mining Exports: Voices from the Ground

The project ‘Alternatives to ‘Green’ Extractivism’ aims to understand the impacts of the ‘green’ energy transition on humans and the environment and if there are just alternatives to mining and extractivism to get us through the climate and ecological crisis we are facing. The project will undertake research to map and analyse Australian (ASX-listed) companies that are opening new areas of mining or ‘green sacrifice zones’ for transition mineral and metals in the name of climate action. In collaboration with partners including Indigenous and frontline communities, the research and campaign will include case studies of the traditional and alternative models that already exist, or are emerging, that are using non-extractive and sustainable practices in mitigating and adapting to the climate crisis. The research will enable Aid/Watch and partners to understand the extent to which these emerging developments are currently, or likely to, exacerbate existing ecological damage and human rights for marginalised communities in Australia and globally and the flourishing models of traditional and/or alternative forms of sustainable land use and livelihoods that already exist. Therefore building new framing, narratives, storytelling, campaigning and advocacy that re-imagines a world beyond mining and development aggression.

*‘green sacrifice zones’ are those lands held by Indigenous and marginalized communities who are at threat of severe pressures including human rights and environmental violations from mining and developments that opening up for the ‘green’ transition.


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