Vernon Roll Out

The management, interpretation and presentation of collections is fundamental to any museum. Currently, CAM cannot currently undertake these tasks effectively. A complex trust structure makes ownership of, and responsibility for the collection unclear. Outdated software makes the collection database unreliable and puts corporate records at risk. Unlike most museums, CAM is unable to present its collections online. A recent funding crisis means that CAM no longer employs a collection manager. This project seeks to resolve these challenges, establishing up-to-date collection management and online access. The project is a three-year strategy targeting immediate operational needs, clarification of ownership, asset management, and expanded access to the collection: Safe storage of the collection: contracted services from a collection management consultant monitoring museum environment, security and risk (CAM fundraising); Upgrade collection database to industry standard: contracted services transferring current data to the Vernon collection management system (Support sought from Tucker Foundation); Collection ownership: contracted services delivering audit of art collection and acquisition history in preparation for transfer of asset from private trust to CAM Ltd (CAM fundraising, pro bono services); Digitise art collection and incorporate in Vernon CMS: enable online access to collection, support essential museum operations (exhibition planning, promotion, education, audit). (CAM fundraising). This project will support effective asset management (ownership, acquisition history, object location, valuation). It will introduce tools supporting exhibition, public programs, education and promotion. Above all, it will allow CAM to make its greatest asset, its collection, visible to the public through online access.