Drilling installation for supply of clean water in Kinsuka CPA in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.


This project aimed to come to the aid of 460 families who live in the peripheral environment of Kinsuka CPA in Kinshasa. These numerous families had been facing serious problems of access to drinking water for more than 15 years. The spring water used by these families was not well maintained and its consumers ran the risk of various infections, especially Covid19. Children and women were the most vulnerable and most at risk. An application was made to the Tucker Foundation to come to the aid of this community for the installation of a drinking water borehole to solve their problems and specially to allow them to consume clean water to be safe of many infections. Schools and some medical centres located in this large district had appreciated the idea because water has become one of the major problems almost in the city of Kinshasa Capital of the DRC.

A water tank with a capacity of 3000 liters was installed inside a private residence for its safety and maintenance with and taps placed outside the same residence to serve many families or CPA residents in Kinsuka.

  • 100% reported that they are now able to access and drink clean water in this Area and avoid long distances;
  • 90% of families reported being able to protect themselves from infections ( diarrhea, typhoid, amoeba, roundworms…)
  • Large containers of 15 liters or more pay a small fee and this money will be used to maintain the water tank every six months and to pay for the electricity that runs the borehole;
  • Some families who enter the fruit sales business can now maintain their products with this clean water;
  • Kids now can take clean water to school and some local medical centres can offer clean water to their patients.


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