Australian Aid to women with disabilities victims of Nyirangongo Volcano in Goma , Democratic Republic of Congo

In the midst on the Covid-19, on May 22, 2021, the City of Goma in North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo was affected by the eruption of the Nyirangongo volcano causing several material damages while also causing the displacement of more than 416,000 people in six main areas of North Kivu. Such as good as neighboring Rwanda. Among the victims, there was the case of people living with a disability who were strongly affected by this situation, especially with regard to their vulnerability. At least two hundred and fifty-two people with disabilities who had fled to Sake have mostly returned to Goma and are in an alarming socio-economic situation for having lost several property and some are homeless and without income due to their housing or of their small businesses affected by the
Nyirangongo volcano.

These vulnerable women and their families are without food and lack several basic necessities and face a very critical situation in a town of Goma which has been affected by armed conflict. 50 women living with a disability as well as landmine victims affected by the Volcano and the Covid-19 pandemic have been identified to benefit from this project which will alleviate their suffering and meet their needs.


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