Support For Rural Initiatives and the Fight Against Poverty and Hunger

This project aim to assist two communities located in the province of Kongo Central in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (The community of Kinsedi and Kinsudi). Within this project we are providing; • Communities will be granted with agriculture equipment to strengthen the capacity of peasants’ production which will help them generate income in order to ensure the education, healthcare of their children as well as the development of their communities. • Trainings on livestock, trees plantation and how to grow Nutritive food. These sessions will equip and make them more professional in order to take good care and prevent their environment from climate change and also to further their communities toward the development. • Four flour mill machines will be provided to the communities in terms of two machines in each community. These machines will help avoid long distances for about 10 km to the nearest village for the mill machine or hard work of hand crushing to transform they products such as Maize or Cassava into flour before selling or eating.