Linking Arms Through Lockdown – Supporting women & children facing DV through a pandemic

Linking Arms Through Lockdown is a strategy to counter the unparalleled increase in Domestic Violence (DV) our pregnant clients are experiencing for the next 12 months. Through additional counselling, mentoring, and wraparound services, the proposed capacity-building approach increases our reach to women and agencies across metro
and regional NSW.

Our service provides a unique opportunity for DV client intervention. Our client’s trust/confidence is built through counselling/mentoring and case-workers co-attendance at appointments throughout the perinatal and postpartum period leading to DV disclosure. Post-disclosure clients progress through our intervention strategy, led by an experienced DFV Counsellor. This strategy successfully supported increased DV clients (20%) throughout COVID-2020. However, COVID-2021’s intensity is more challenging. Caseloads have increased by 82% in a 100% part-time team


I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know some of the feedback we are receiving from programs we are able to provide because of your support!!

“I was pregnant and a single mum in lockdown doing it on my own and as much as I guess I wasn’t able to see people because I was pregnant and my mum hadn’t got here yet, having the sessions with Ally, coming to this group, getting contacted and checked on made an isolating time not feel so isolation – I am really thankful for that and am thankful for my little boy who is everything I could’ve asked for.” – Participant

“I wanted to thank you guys. I literally stayed sane because I had a session with Ally, a catch up with you guys at M2M, and then I got a mentor as well – it occupied my entire pandemic and so I wasn’t lonely. I got to escape and feel like a normal mum for a minute (during covid) and it allowed me to forget about the craziness in the world.” – Participant

We are so grateful for your support and look forward to reporting more on what you were able to deliver in the community.

Thank you again.



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