Stop the Suffering of Farmed Animals in Rural Queensland

There have been incalculable cases of animal starvation, such as in the 2019 drought, where we have documented countless reports of mishandling, abuse, neglect and mistreatment of animals, particularly a lack of shade, feed and shelter provision. We act on these reports by providing evidence to DAF and the RSPCA, but we are frequently met with the same response – that further evidence is necessary – and this requires us to be able to despatch a team to gain further evidence. We intend to launch a direct action team in 2021 which we can despatch to sites across Queensland when we receive reports of suffering. The team will document and collate evidence of the abuse or neglect to the standard necessary for authorities to take action and resolve the situation. With increased funding, Farm Animal Rescue will be able to provide a higher level of advocacy for animals as we will have the ability to transport people to areas where abuse is taking place, and cover accommodation costs where necessary. We need improved video equipment and editing software to capture abuse that takes place in publicly available spaces, as we currently need to rely on volunteers having their own equipment.


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