Zero Waste Educational Hub

We will be developing and implementing a ‘Zero Waste Educational Hub’ at the front of Friends of the Earth Food Co-operative, with visibility from the street. The hub will be situated at the front of the store and will be fitted out with a floor to ceiling display of bulk food dispensers, a refill shopping area with alternatives to single use packaging and digital interactive interface touch screens. We want to create a new FoE Food Co-op website as part of the project that will promote waste minimisation and give around the clock accessibility to information. The website will be part of the digital interactive interface and will be displayed on touch screens that will be situated within the ‘Zero Waste Educational Hub’. The website will be providing information on the amount of energy and resources being used by packaging, waste levels in the local environment with practical ways to reduce them, recipes and inspiration for healthy living along with environmental and social justice information (i.e. Bio-Dynamic, Organic, local, fairtrade, GMO and Palm Oil). This project will allow us to work with a web designer, architect and carpenter to achieve our vision of the Zero Waste Educational Hub.