Grant Agreement

Albert & Barbara Tucker Foundation funding program 

Terms and conditions of funding

The provision of funds from the Albert & Barbara Tucker Foundation is subject to a number of terms and conditions that must be agreed to by the Recipient prior to the release of funds.

Details of the terms and conditions are provided below.  If the recipient is prepared to accept these terms and conditions, please complete this Grant Agreement by the due date noted in your grant offer. A signed copy of these terms and conditions must be returned to the Tucker Foundation before accessing the funding.

  1. The recipient acknowledges that funding has been approved by the Tucker Foundation.
  2. The recipient acknowledges that the funds provided must be completely expended on the funded project by the project completion date provided below. If the project has not commenced or been completed by this date, the Tucker Foundation may require immediate repayment of the funding or unspent balances, at its discretion.
  3. Any variation to the project, as detailed in the application form, must be requested in writing and agreed to by the Tucker Foundation.
  4. The funding is the total amount available and is not subject to GST. The Tucker Foundation reserves the right to audit a project for which funding has been granted.
  5. If, for whatever reason, the Recipient is unable to proceed with the funded project, the recipient will inform the Albert and Barbara Tucker Foundation as soon as possible in writing and immediately repay the funding.
  6. The recipient will provide the Albert and Barbara Tucker Foundation with:
    • An official receipt once the grant funding has been received
    • A project Income and Expenditure Statement within one month of completion of the funded project.
    • An Acquittal within one month of completion of the funded project. Multiple year grant recipients must provide annual acquittal reports.
  7. The recipient will abide by the following:
  • Acknowledge the Albert & Barbara Tucker Foundation’s contribution in any published material in relation to the project;
  • If the recipient breaches any of these terms and conditions, the grant giving agency reserves the right to withhold or reclaim in part or in whole the funding at its discretion.