Through the eyes of a child

Through the eyes of the child: Supporting young people affected by trauma. Our program provides therapeutic counselling for children between the ages of 5 and 17 who are experiencing loss, grief and trauma as a result of family violence, relationship breakdown, bereavement, family illness, abuse and bullying. The impact on the mental, physical, emotional & economic state of a family experiencing a child/youth with behavioural issues, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression, grief and so forth is exhausting. Supporting them as they weather this storm will give them hope. Our program works in collaboration with local schools, local GPs, psychologists, OzChild, City of Kingston, City of Glen Eira and many other agencies to help vulnerable children. There has been an overwhelming response to this program due to its unique features: Providing as many sessions as required for each child that families would otherwise not afford; Providing tailor-made counselling sessions to each child with the help of a team of experienced counsellors, trained volunteers and family therapist; Providing individual support for primary carers at no extra cost.. The program utilises a combination of group or individual therapy, and art and music. The program provides support for primary care givers, and collaborates, connects and supports relevant local agencies (schools, psychologists, court system, welfare agencies) to build the child’s support network & resilience. GriefLine also aims to organise education workshops to empower the community.