Saving Wildlife for Future Children

The main purpose of the project would be to rescue and rehabilitate Australian wildlife for the continual survival of the species. We work in conjunction with the RSPCA and the Australia Zoo here on the Sunshine Coast as much as possible to further the rate of survival and release. When surgery is needed the Australia Zoo provides the expert care and facilities and after care instructions. The volunteers of our organisation have to provide the transport in incubators and special cages to the Zoo. Endangered species which do not fall under our licence i.e. Wedge Tail Eagles and Koalas and certain reptiles have to be transported to the Zoo. We are greatly in need of larger incubators for injured adult wildlife and special cages for birds so they are not further injured while travelling. Education of new carers is high on our list to give them the knowledge and equipment for us to further our rescue of wildlife. A recruitment program to be set in place as well as printed material for the public on the care of animals when the initial wildlife is discovered.