The River’s Edge Project

The River’s Edge Project – Protecting and rehabilitating Heide’s Indigenous Remnant Conservation Zone This project will protect, preserve and rehabilitate Heide’s Indigenous Remnant Conservation Zone (IRCZ) of just under 2000 square metres, in the riparian area towards the south-west corner of the property. The project aims to restore the pre-colonial vegetation and thus encourage the return of native wildlife to the area and to engage visitors with the history and significance of the zone. Work on creating Heide’s IRCZ was initiated in 2011 when the area was waist deep in Tradescantia, blackberry and the other herbaceous weeds. A solid year of hand removal and some revegetation took place, however the area has since become overrun and will require a substantial amount of work to rehabilitate it completely. The project will take place over three years from 2018 to 2020: Year 1, 2018: The first year will focus on rehabilitating and protecting the IRCZ through clearing of weeds, planting of species indigenous to the locale and the replacement of a fence between the zone and the neighbouring parkland.Year 2, 2019: The second stage of the project will involve researching, developing and installing interpretive signage to inform visitors about the environmental and historical significance of the area and the IRCZ, while also continuing maintenance and revegetation. Year 3, 2020: The third stage of the project will develop engaging public programs and events focusing on the IRCZ. Maintenance and revegetation will be ongoing.