Scholarships for two young people from refugee or asylum seeker families 

This project will provide two scholarships of $2500 to a boy and a girl from asylum seeker or refugee backgrounds graduating with VCE at the end of 2020 who without financial assistance could not go onto further studies at either a technical college or university. Hotham works particularly with secondary students from African backgrounds who predominantly live in the high-rise Housing Commission flats in inner north-west Melbourne. Much of Hotham’s work focuses on supporting these young people through secondary school, especially with food (through its Food For Thought program) and educational materials (through its Renshaw program.) We will work closely with our three partner schools who will identify and recommend students who have the capability to go onto university or technical college to study for a degree or similar qualification which will give them the opportunity to achieve a better outcome in life. Our experience is that the school staff have a robust understanding of their students and will make good choices in terms of the students they would recommend to us. There are a number of Board Members of Hotham Mission and congregation members who are very focused on the provision of education at the tertiary level. Our view is that we will create a panel from interested parties and task them with reviewing the recommendations. The awards will take place after the ATAR scores are made available.


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We will be accepting grant applications from Monday 1st July - Saturday 31st August 2024.

The application form will be available on this website during this period.