Supporting Entrepreneurial Farmers in Rural Siem Reap

Their farms survived the pandemic, but rising costs of living are threatening the livelihoods of farmers in Siem Reap.

The Supporting Entrepreneurial Farmers in Rural Siem Reap Project [Project] is an entirely new pilot project that will support 50 already-established farmers with the financial backing, resources and technical training to increase the success of their farms.

These farmers have never been supported by HHA, and are poverty-vulnerable. Without HHA’s support they will fall into poverty.

HHA will collaborate with each individual farmer on their needs. The farmers are currently growing vegetables and fruit crops. Their needs include seeds, fertiliser, farming equipment and/or technical knowledge.

Farmers will attend a three-hour training session at HHA’s community centre, which will include:

– Information about market prices, including the theory behind market saturation and profit
– Technical knowledge on land preparation
– Techniques to grow vegetables and crops in rotation and according to seasons
– Budgeting for their future
– Finding buyers to expand their sales
– Taking care of their health, with a focus on diabetes and high blood pressure which has become predominate in HHA’s target area

Participants will receive ongoing mentoring at their homes from local Cambodian staff for four months post-training.

Inflation in Cambodia is predicted to climb to four percent this year (National Bank of Cambodia). This is impacting the farmer’s ability to fulfil their basic living costs. By supporting farmers with this project, their income will be increased and their basic needs met.


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