Keeping Girls in School

Teenage girls are one of the most vulnerable target groups, statistics tell us that only 25% of students that were able to attend secondary school in Uganda graduated due to early marriage, teenage pregnancy, and dropout. Dropout has been largely due to lack of sanitary items which causes a teenage girl to miss upwards of a quarter of her school year and subsequently causes lower grades and absent from examinations. Funds will be used to provide 3,000 teenage girls with sanitary items that will provide a minimum of 12mths use.
Our social work team have identified 3000 vulnerable teenage girls who will go through our “Keep A Girl in School” program, 30 sessions will be conducted of 100 teenage girls per session which promotes positive choices for teenage girls, and helps promote a positive self- image, each girl will receive an AfriPads School Girl Kit along with a booklet that explains what is happening in a girl’s changing body. Training sessions will involve a
full day of training, games, and fun, lunch and snacks will be provided the girls will be given a mentor as part of the program to ensure ongoing monitoring and encouragement to the participants. This project will be run for female students from Kasubi Secondary School located in Kawaala, Kampala, we have maintained a strong relationship with the school over the past 15 years, and also from Abim Secondary School where our second project area is. Teenage girls will be empowered and given the opportunity to complete secondary school.


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