The Orangutan Legacy Forest – Reforestation Project 

The Orangutan Legacy Forest – Reforestation Project OFI Australia has helped to purchase and permanently protect many thousands of acres of forest in Indonesian Borneo creating a large, interconnected orangutan habitat sanctuary known as The Orangutan Legacy Forest. Tragically, in 2015, approximately 2,500 hectares (almost one third) of The Orangutan Legacy Forest burned to the ground during the horrific fire season. The Reforestation Project aims to grow and plant 2.5 million trees to replenish to burnt areas of the forest. This will ensure the long-term conservation of the critically endangered orangutans that live in this region and secure a future release site and home for the 330+ orphaned and displaced orangutans in our care. he Reforestation Project is a long-term project with a 10-year minimum timeframe. Since it began in 2016 the project has already demonstrated great outcomes, most notably: Employed 8 local Indonesian staff and trained them on seed collecting and propagation, reforestation and planting techniques, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the seedlings at the planting sites. Constructed a nursery at the OFI Herbarium with the capacity to house 50,000 seedlings. Propagated and planted over 340,000 trees with an 85% survival rate. Some trees are now over 2.5m tall and include 12 species of swamp and fruiting trees. Implemented a formal monitoring and evaluation process to collect and record data. Launched a school education program where local village children visit the herbarium nursery to learn about orangutans, reforestation, conservation and plant saplings.


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