Dandenong Empowerment Hub

Currently, we have a full operation Empowerment Hub in Richmond. A six days open space where migrant and refugee women come to learn, socialise and share how to work and engage into Australia.The Empowerment Hub has four key programs:1-Design Lab – Training program in various craft making/production -with ESL support 2-Cooking Lab – Training program in cooking/production with ESL support 3-Sales Lab – Work Experience in different business areas; retail, market/pop-up, food tasting program -with ESL support 4-Business Lab – individual pathways to employment, entrepreneurship, further education, leadership, and community connectedness. We have a proven model, now we are sharing it with other social organisations who have large concentrations of migrant and refugee women with little English. With them, we are starting operations in Carringbush (one day/week craft training), Dandenong (One day/week cooking training) and Bendigo (one day/week craft training). To give holistic support, these Satellite Empowerment Hubs need to operate 5 days a week with all our programs. Our goal is to support 200 women per year per Empowerment Hub. Partnering with ASRC, we have currently, a list of 100+ migrant & refugee women, which are waiting for be part of SisterWorks Dandenong. The funding we are asking you is to support the transition of the one-day Cooking training in Dandenong to a proper Empowerment Hub. This initiative is going to be backed partially by UNWomen and The Victoria Office for women.