Children from Greater Western Sydney access healthcare and wellbeing program

This project will support a cohort of 48 children aged 8-14 to access the SH 12-day health and wellbeing program.They will come from the suburbs surrounding Fairfield, an area according to SEIFA to be the most disadvantaged area in Greater Western Sydney.They will be drawn from across 48 public schools in this area and be nominated to attend by their school Principal,who is best placed to identify the needs of those children who are struggling in the classroom and at home, and believes they would benefit from a break at SH. The entire 12-day program at SH is offered entirely free-of-charge.This grant will go towards direct program costs of healthcare and wellbeing; including counselling,24-hour supervision and care, purchase of medication and personal hygiene products, haircuts, footwear, underwear, socks and clothing. Children will stay at our on-site facility at Curl Curl Beach, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.Over the 12-days they are provided with dental,optical,hearing and general health screening, treatment and referral where necessary.They attend our on-site school where they engage in a specialised curriculum and attend excursions around Sydney. Every child’s mental health is regularly monitored by our Wellbeing Manager (clinical psychologist),supervisors and teachers who record a chronology of their stay via our online data management system.A report is begenerated and shared with the child’s home school and caregivers. Medical information and referrals are forwarded onto the child’s Local Health District network.Where necessary,we refer some records onto other Government bodies(ie FACS- Family and Community Services)and local mental health providers for follow up.