University of South Australia (UniSA)

All Grants Awarded, Awarded 2019


UniSA currently offers a number of scholarships and grants specifically aimed at students from a refugee background, designed to help them meet the costs associated with university study including textbooks, transport, computers, internet and other expenses.

Many of our scholarships and grants are funded through donations from individuals, business and other organisations. However, the demand for support far exceeds the limited resources that are available. Our scholarships office typically received dozens of applications for a particular scholarship or grant and are only in a position to be able to award one or two. Our staff are continually inspired by the stories we hear from refugee students about the challenges they have encountered and their determination to pursue an education in spite of their disadvantage.

With support from the Tucker Foundation we would be able to offer scholarships or one-off study grants of $5,000 to five students from a refugee background. This would make a significant impact on their lives and help them to achieve their dreams of gaining a university degree. We know from speaking to refugee students that it is not only the financial support but also the knowledge that someone cares enough to invest in their future that really helps them to pursue their dreams.



The Tucker Foundation has regular funding rounds.


We will be accepting grant applications from Monday 1st July - Saturday 31st August 2024.

The application form will be available on this website during this period.