4WD Utility Vehicle Purchase


We have reached a critical point in the sanctuary where we need to purchase a 4WD Utility Vehicle. A new vehicle has been on the wishlist for a while but with other competing financial priorities, the purchase has not been made to date.

We personally bought a small quad bike when we first started up in 2014 but over years of heavy use and many repairs, the vehicle is finally given up the will to go on. It is not economical for us to keep repairing nor is it large enough for our needs.

We use the vehicle throughout the day, every day at the sanctuary. It is our main piece of equipment so we need it to be 100% reliable. We use it to transport feed and bedding to the 200+ rescue animals across the sanctuary on a daily basis, transport small animals who are sick or injured, tow heavy materials and adhoc tasks such removing fallen trees off fences. We need a reliable, hard-working, good quality 4WD Utility Vehicle that we can depend on.

We have only had the vehicle a few days but it has already made a significant difference to the running of the sanctuary from an efficiency and safety perspective. We are using it to deliver animal feed, bedding and medications and move multiple hay bales across the sanctuary. In addition, with current flood impacted grounds, it has proven absolutely invaluable when trying to negotiate the copious amounts of water and mud. We are not sure how we survived without this vehicle!

Our sincere gratitude to the Tucker Foundation for their generosity and support of our animal rescue work.
Thank you so very much.


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