Support to elderly homeless men and women

Outreach staff help men and women aged 50 years and over who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. They may be socially and financially disadvantaged, receive little or no support from friends and family and may need assistance with managing tasks of daily living. Outreach staff will visit people in their chosen location. This may be in a rooming house, other accommodation venues, or quite often they may be in public places like a park, drop in centres or a pub. The outreach worker will take as much time as needed to assess each individual’s housing need and assist with providing items they need to establish their tenancy. The funds we seek directly assist the workers to achieve their aim. Costs may include paying for a short term housing solution, it could include paying for food, clothing. It will also go directly to things like items for their new home. Whether it be the first month’s rent, white goods, linen, a microwave, or stocking up cupboards with basics. Wintringham workers are fantastic at stretching their funds to maximising what they get for each client, ensuring they can reach out to as many elderly homeless men and women as possible that are referred. They have established contacts with suppliers and work closely with other charities.