Combatting Wombat Mange in NSW

Did you know a milk bottle cap and an ice cream container lid can save a life? Fixed together on a wire frame and with just a few drops of medication precariously positioned to pour onto the backs of free-roaming wombats as they enter their burrows, this simple but highly effective device is proving to be Australia’s best bet at reducing the horrific suffering of wombats with mange. Historically, very few people had government permission to use the mite-killing medication Cydectin on any animals other than cows and deer. However, recently the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority granted Mange Management Inc. permission to distribute sub-permits giving other organisations legal authority to use Cydectin on wombats. On August 3rd 2018, WIRES was granted a sub-permit, meaning all 2500 WIRES members are now legally allowed to use Cydectin to treat wombat mange. WIRES is therefore excited to announce Combatting Wombat Mange in NSW, a comprehensive program designed to eliminate mange in as many wombats as possible, comprised of three elements: Treatment: 50L of Cydectin along with the materials needed to treat wombat mange will be supplied to the 20 WIRES branches located in wombat territory. This medication will treat over 800 wombats for 12 week courses each. Education: an online course will empower wildlife rescuers with the knowledge and confidence to treat wombats with mange, safely and effectively.Community outreach: information will be provided to the public, including farmers and rural landowners, about wombats, mange, and treatment.