Barbeques for the disadvantaged

The project is to create an outdoor area where Woodrising Neighbourhood Centre can host regular Barbecue’s for the disadvantaged in the community and also host youth barbeques with our Adolescent Counsellor. The Community Workers can then liaise with the community and provide information and referral about services which will help them to improve their situation. Quotes have been obtained to purchase a sturdy vandal resistant electric barbeque, a picnic table and bench, and to concrete an existing area. The outdoor area at the Centre currently has a stable aluminium awning covering a children’s sandpit. This space will be utilised in a more beneficial way removing this, concreting the area underneath the awning to make an outdoor meeting space. The funding would employ a tradesman to remove the sandpit and concrete the area at the rear of the centre. Once the area is completed the Centre would hold a monthly Barbeque for the homeless, disadvantaged, youth and isolated people within the community. The consumables would be provided by the local community. There are community partnerships which would donate the bread, meat, and soft drinks, so this project would be self-sustaining once it is set up. The area would provide a safe place for those who are disadvantaged to connect with other community members and will foster a sense of community for those who are marginalised. More importantly it will allow the Community Workers to provide information and referrals to other services to further assist those in need.